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Broad Season Two

New episodes. New work. Same us.

Today marks two years of Broad. Two years of growth, both personal and professional. Two years of grit and gritting our teeth. All rooted in a fire started by two ambitious broads.

We’ve tackled projects ranging from making school meals feel like cool meals, to pickles and apartment buildings, to giving a tech-and-recruiting platform a badass, human-centric facelift. We’ve made epic mistakes, and won clients that we continue to have amazing relationships with. And we’ve done it all with absolutely no work on our website.

Now we’re proud to announce Broad 2.0 — new season, actual work, same us.

Where can you find us?

We’re now over at, a subtle shift in naming that represents the breadth and scope of our capabilities. You’ve heard us say “if it’s not built for you, build it yourself.” We’re building something broad, bigger than Kristen and Hannah, and this reflects that. At the end of the day, if we’ve created something where people can show up as their authentic selves and do their absolute best work, then we will have succeeded. Also, we think everyone looks good in Broad red.

You can also find us at our brand new space in Philadelphia’s lovely and hip Queen Village neighborhood, starting this May. Stay tuned for thoughtful programming and opportunities to get together in person—we love to throw a party and we want to see you there.

And of course, there’s the work itself. Over the past two years we’ve worked with partners in consumer goods, nonprofit, real estate development, tech, health and wellness, arts, and more—for both emerging and well-established businesses. Head over to to check out what we’ve been up to.

What’s still true?

Our core values continue to guide each and every decision we make as a company. This set of six intentional phrases is our foundation, and we treat it as such.


We’re also committed to working across industries, and simply let the answer to one question guide whether or not we take on a project: does it feel right? In true Broad fashion, we’ve learned our intuition never steers us wrong.

What’s on deck?

We’re growing, taking on lots of new projects, and thoughtfully expanding the Broad brand world—ultimately leading to some intentional hires. Keep your eyes peeled for job opportunities from us, and if you’re in the market currently, especially if you’re a designer, strategist, writer, or account director, feel free to shoot us your stuff at We’ll keep you in our pipeline.

Why work with us?

We tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help us Broad. For our clients, that means two things. (1) We build brands that are wholly unique and authentic, through a process designed to produce amazing, bold work. We include our clients from the very beginning, engaging them in strategy workshops, giving them early moodboard and creative looks, and chatting on a weekly basis to ensure we’re making things together. (2) We’re unafraid to “say the thing,” and make ourselves realistically available to clients (you can text us) for discussion and debate, all which leads to the best work possible.

Have a project that needs Broad? Reach out to Rachel, our Director of Partnerships, at

Thank you

Thank you to our supporters and day-one, ride-or-die family and friends who have been behind us the whole way. Thank you to the Philadelphia agency scene, especially those who have been both our cheerleaders and our competition—you keep us sharp! And THANK YOU to our amazing, incredible clients, all who trusted us enough to sign truly interesting and engaging work with us without ever seeing public projects on our website. You are the reason we’re here today and thriving.

We’re just getting started, and we’d love to bring you along for the ride. Sign up for our newsletter to get fresh work, hot takes, event invites and merch drops as we build this thang.

And with that…

This is for all the broads who have come before us. Broads who dared to share their idea, wear the lipstick, ask for the promotion, speak their mind. Trailblazers and workers, mothers and dreamers, artists and writers and business builders. Those who own their femininity as an undeniable strength. Grace under fire. Fearless and delicate, like roses in the snow.

For everyone who sits and talks about how hard it is these days, there’s someone who has been through far worse to pave your way forward. This company is for them — and may it pave the way for those in our wake.

Never underestimate a Broad.

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