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Long-Time Partners, First-Time Venture

  • Hannah Dillon
  • Kristen Sachs
A Partnership is Formed

On deadline, foraging pizza leftovers in the kitchen, we chatted for the first time and clicked. We were two very junior creatives, a little bit terrified and a little bit blissfully naive, seeking connection in a pressure cooker culture—a common theme at almost every agency we’d been at or around. That day, a partnership was born, forged by becoming allies as we blazed our trails—ones that would cross serendipitously from time to time.

In our experience, as we climbed the ranks, we encountered less and less women on the creative side. Many had bowed out to seek a path with less internal politics, or less hours chained to a desk, or simply to raise a family. Many had also experienced the subtleties of what it means to be a woman in business—which, if you know, you know.

And when you look up and don’t see anyone like you, you realize you have two choices—either bow out too, or become the role model you seek.

If it’s not built for you, build it yourself.

This phrase was our spark plug, and remains our number one mantra at BROAD. Rooted in the firepower, support, and empathy a female partnership provides, we’re here to build the place we’ve always wanted to work—an environment that supports anyone who looks up and doesn’t see someone like them.

We want to show you can be a mother and advance your career in a way that works—fully and authentically—for you. You can be entirely remote and find deep connections. You can have the freedom to work how you’d like and have the discipline to do the best work of your career. There’s no right way to be a creative. There’s no right way to be weird. There’s no right way to be an absolute success.

We believe in intuition and believe in ourselves—and we look forward to believing, wholeheartedly, in a wonderful set of clients and future coworkers. This is just the beginning of a new chapter for us as a couple of women, a couple of partners, and a couple of ambitious broads.

Kristen + Hannah

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