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Welcome to the Motherhood

Welcome to the Motherhood

Giving new life to childhood goods.

The founder came to Broad with an awesome idea: Moms are drowning in stuff and are looking for ways to repurpose their baby and childhood gear. We helped hone in on the idea, clarify the business strategy, establish a new name and brand to go with it and define a Shopify strategy to meet the needs of the business’s unique subscription model.

We leaned into the idea of Everland as a place where childhood goods never grow old, seeking to capture the nostalgia and memories inherent in every piece of baby gear. We also wanted to intentionally nod to the founder’s son Everett, a subtle, personal touch inherent in every start-up brand. Altogether, the design leaned into childlike illustrations and natural elements paired with a cheeky tone of voice, creating an engaging world where all the things you need to parent can live together in harmony.

  • Strategy Workshop
  • Naming
  • Tone of Voice + Messaging
  • Visual Identity
  • UX + Web Design

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